putting the SERVICE back in payroll services

Our specialty is providing innovative solutions designed for the particular needs of your business.

- Our report archive service provides vital payroll information in a compact, easy to use format.  Your payroll reports, paystubs, quarterly and annual reports plus your employee W2 forms can be stored on a CD, dramatically reducing the amount of normal storage space necessary to keep paper records.  

Payroll in a Flash - Receive your payroll reports and checkstubs immediately after the payroll is processed via email or downloaded file and save it on your desktop for easy access.  With this convenient technology, you can print your payroll reports right away rather than waiting for a delivery from our office.  Payroll in a Flash is a solution for those who need it now. 

Direct Deposit - Our flexible Direct Deposit service includes unlimited payroll deductions for your employees' banking needs. We also offer employee paycards, the newest electronic paycheck alternative in payroll processing.

Custom Reports & Third Party Reporting - Need a special report?  We have over 150 reports available, but if we can't find a report that meets your specific needs, we'll create one that will. Does your payroll information need to be sent to your accountant, pension or health plan administrator, or other outside contact?  We can work with you to design a service that meets your need. 

Beyond Payroll
- Our company offers a wide-range of business solutions beyond payroll and payroll taxes.  If you're looking for something in particular, please ask us!