putting the SERVICE back in payroll services

We've designed our payroll input to be easy for our clientsSimply choose which of the methods we offer is the most convenient for you, then provide us with the basic personnel and payroll information and we handle the rest.

Phone - Call our office at your convenience & our payroll specialists will enter the payroll data for you.
Fax -Transfer your data on a time-sheet provided & fax it to our office for processing. 
- Collect your data on a spreadsheet, then fax or email it to our office for processing.

 - with PayChoice Online, you enter your payroll & employee changes via our secure Internet website, thus keeping full control of the input and accessibility to the data.

to assist you in managing your business, we offer a diversity of payroll services such as:
     Multiple Base Pay Rates per employee
Direct Deposit transactions per employee
     Child Support/Garnishment Deductions & Payments
     Signed, Stuffed and Sealed Checks & Deposit Advices
     Treasury Account Payroll Checks-eliminates time consuming check reconciliation

and much more