putting the SERVICE back in payroll services

PAY SOLUTIONS offers an array of services for your payroll tax deposit and filing needs including:

Tax Pay & File Service - our complete tax deposit & filing service.  Tax funds are withdrawn from your payroll account with each payroll.  All tax deposits and returns are prepared and filed by our tax specialists.
Tax Alert Service - our tax notification service. Tax reports showing what and when taxes are due are provided with each payroll and you make the tax payments.  Many "signature ready" tax returns are also provided for your filing convenience.
Quarterly Wage Detail
- a "ready to file" wage summary is included with the state unemployment reports we provide.

New Hire Reporting
- we report your new hires, including multiple states, for you.

EFTPS Tax Deposit Service
- your federal tax liability is reported via our "batch filing" process and the IRS debits the tax payment from your bank account  on due date.

W-2/W-3 Printing & Electronic Filing
- Employee and Employer copies of Form W-2 are provided on paper, federal & state copies are filed electronically for all clients.  Form facsimiles can be stored on our year-end ViewChoice CD.

1099M Printing & Electronic Filing
- 1099 Misc forms are provided on paper, federal copies are filed electronically.  Form facsimiles can be stored on our year end ViewChoice CD.
Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation- Wage reporting and premium payments are made on your company's behalf.

For your protection, our employees and owner are bonded through Western Surety Company.